Radio Cure – Guitar Struggle


“I keep guitars that are, you know, the neck’s a little bit bent and it’s a little bit out of tune. I want to work and battle it and conquer it and make it express whatever attitude I have at that moment. I want it to be a struggle.” – Jack White.

In contrast with last week’s show, which was all electronic music, this week’s show will be an hour of noisey/feedback soaked guitar music. From The Beatles in the last 1960’s, through the noisey 90’s right up to 2013, where distorted guitars are still as popular as ever. The show features a track from the new QOTSA album (“…Like Clockwork”) and a track from Dublin-based band ‘Princess’, who just released their new E.P. “Black Cat” this month, which if you like the track featured here you need to listen to fully.               Enjoy the noise!



Queens of The Stone Age – Smooth Sailing

Colourmusic – Tog

Fugazi – Glue Man

Blur – Bugman

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

Princess – Excuse The Voice

Real Estate – Out of Tune

Ryan Adams – Enemy Fire

Hazy Malaze – Rock ‘n’ Roll Gone

Neil Young – Fuckin’ Up

Kings of Leon – Wasted Time

The Beatles – Helter Skelter

My Bloody Valentine – Loomer

Sonic Youth – The Ineffable Me

Toadies – Motivational

The Desert Sessions – Dead In Love

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