Rock Jihad Radio 10th September 2021

Much like the old Rock Jihad Night in the International Bar, tonight’s show is full of cracking tunes and ridiculous stories told over the course of an increasingly incoherent evening.

Tune in, turn it up way too loud, sit two feet in front of your speakers and try to talk to the person next to you, drink your weight in whatever lager you have on hand (make sure to piss on the floor of your own jacks), and you’ll be transported back to those heady Friday nights down in the basement of the Inter.

Tune in for the following bands, played in a completely different order:

Metallica, Big Black, Motorhead, Cunts, Red Fang, Coilguns, White Hills, Ho99o9, Wolfmother, Naked Raygun, The Melvins, Pere Ubu, Joe Jackson, Slift, Wizards of Firetop Mountain, Sunnata, Wipers