The Friday Night Club Presents: Saturday Night Tunes


Channeling tunes and chats into a virtual lockdown session

 The Friday Night Crew Presents: Saturday Night Tunes includes four Dudes, more French punk than you could swing a massive block of brie at and enough cans to tranquilise a horse.  It’s nearly three hours of punk tunes from around the world amid declining vocal coherence and off mic tomfoolery.

Recorded very late into Friday night, broadcast Saturday evening.

Tune in for (in no particular order):

Abuse, Agent Orange, Beton Arme, BGK, Bombardiment, New Bomb Turks, The Dictators, DOA, Pink Fairies, Gaunt, Condor, Edan, Frozen Teens, The Cure, Oasis, Perkele, Taqbir, Ultimo Resorte, Syndrome 81, Chaos UK, Cran, Force Majeure, Senseless Things, Nuclear Assault, The Mutants, The Cliches, Husker Du, Gout, Mean Jeans, Fag Enablerz, Poison Idea, The Briefs, GOD, Dropping Bombs, Punter, Redskins, Stricknien DC, Slade, Swingo Porkies, The Specials, Zounds, Boss, Shannon and the Clams, Chain Cult, Safeword, Iceage and loads more!!!!