The Friday Night Club Presents: Tunes for Another Saturday Night in Lockdown 27/02/21


Another Zoom, another 37 tunes, another 4 bags of cans, another few laughs.  Tune in for the Friday Night Club DJ’s rocking and chattin’ about rocking.  This one is a bit more reasonable at just under 2 hours, but there’s still plenty of a bangers.

Tune in for:  Sick Urge, Cuir, The B-52’s, Chelsea, Foot in Mouth, Exit Order, Teenage Popeye, Tuppjukk, G L O S S, MESS, Iena, Drop Dead, Zyfilis, English Subtitles, The Swimming Pool Q’s,  The Love Triangle, Ceremony, Hollywood Square, Razar, Really Red, The Queers, The Necessaries, Sir Kill Alot, Stricknien DC (of course), Supergrass, The Ruts, The Shrine, Wugazi, Masshysteri, The Marked Men, Flux of Pink Indians, Fucked Up, Siren Songs, Dead Moon, Ugly Mind and lots more!!