The HMD Radio show 265

There’s so much great new music coming out this year i can’t but do more shows. Justin Broderick is doing more stuff with Kevin Martin (the Bug) and it’s deadly. That takes me on a journey to find Curse of the Golden Vampire which you may enjoy. Score of the week is Planet Of Zeus From Athens, two songs from them that should impress. Also there’s the rifftastic second song from the new Clouds Taste Satanic album, Second Sight, great new Thrash from Zig Zags and another belter from Brutus. Libations from To ol and O’Hara’s.  Enjoy.

To ol – 1 Ton of Blueberries (8.5%)


O’Hara’s – Lean Folláin (6%)


Motorpsycho – Psychotzar – The Crucible (2019)


The Physics House Band – Death Sequence I – Death Sequence (2019)


Zonal – Cage Version – Zonal (2019)


Curse of The Golden Vampire – Iron Ghetto Man Crusher – Mass Destruction (2003)


Planet Of Zeus- Loyal To The Pack – Loyal To The Pack (2016)

Planet Of Zeus – Revolution Cookbook – Faith In Physics (2019)


Zig Zags – Killer Of Killers – They’ll Never Take Us Alive (2019)


Brutus – All Alone – Burst (2017)


Clouds Taste Satanic – Black Mass – Second Sight (2019)


Alessandro Cortini – Amaro Amore – Volume Massimo (2019)