These 80’s Hardcore Tunes Totally Rock 18th June


This week’s show is all 80’s American Hardcore for no reason whatsover.  Actually that’s not completely true.  At the halfway mark there is a brand new track from a Canadian/Irish band and the real reason that all of the rest of the track are 80’s hardcore  is that 80’s American Hardcore Totally Rocks!

Tune in for:

Big Boys

Agent Orange

The Descendents


Naked Raygun

Really Red



7 Seconds

 Circle Jerks


Gorilla Biscuits

Dag Nasty


Black Flag

Dayglo Abortions

The Fus

The Freeze

Zero Boys

The Minutemen


Bad Brains

Dead Kennedys

The Adolescents

Angry Samoans

Suicidal Tendencies  

Tune in, Rock out, what can I say, I like short songs