These New New Gods Tunes Totally Rock 20th November


This week I am joined by Moose of band of the week  – New Gods –  in anticipation of the release of their deput EP on Distro-Y Records.  Tune in for exclusive tracks from the new 7″, loads of rocking tunes and some increasingly shambolic banter.  The track list for your Thursday night session is as follows:

New Gods

Dry Heaves

The Fucked Frikis

 The Weirdos

Big Crux

The Professionals

 Purling Hiss

The Dead Boys

Fuck Knights

New Gods (again)

Brutal Knights


Drunk Horse

Murder City Devils

The Stupids

Annihilation Time

Double Dagger

Poison Idea

New Gods (again again)

Night Birds

Big Business

Roky Erikson



Thanks to Moose for coming around for a bit of midweek skit.  Everyone else should pick up the New Gods 7″ when it comes out in December and watch out for their imminent and so far unannounced record release gig.

Local music – Let’s Go