These Top Teenage Tunes Totally Rock 19th January

This week’s show draws its inspiration from that whole ’10 most important albums from your teenage years’ thing that is making the rounds on FB at the moment.  So this week is made up of albums that I had on cassette tape in my teenage years and that were very important to me for one reason or another.  As they are teenage choices, there is a wide range of styles, moods and genres that don’t always fit in the same space, but hey that’s what growing up is all about.  These start at my older teenage years so there is no Hall and Oates or Billy Joel and trying to pick a Primus song was all the Primus that my lovely wife was willing to overhear,  but there is:

Fugazi (link for download of gig mentioned)

Sweaty Nipples (link for hilarious live video)

Suicidal Tendencies

The Descendents

Dead Kennedys


Jane’s Addiction

Led Zeppelin

The Jimi Hendrix Experience




Smashing Pumpkins

Dinosaur Jr.



Tune in, turn it up, click the links for deadly old live and official videos.