This 80’s LA/DC Hardcore Show Totally Rocks 20th October

This week’s show is inspired by the middle of the 3 punk documentaries I watched on Sky Arts last Saturday.  The first and third focused on punk ‘attitude’ and punk ‘fashion’, but the middle one just had loads of Henry Rollins talking about LA and DC Hardcore from the early 80’s.  It is a genre I grew up with and my fondness for it has never dimmed.  Things start off with early Rollins and earlier Rollins, early and later Keith Morris and early and later Ian McKaye before pinballing back and forth between LA and DC for the rest of the hour.  There are a shedload of short songs and they all kick ass.  Tune in for:

Henry Rollins

State of Alert

Black Flag

Circle Jerks

Teen Idles

Minor Threat

Rites of Spring

Angry Samoans

The Vandals

Agent Orange


Zero Boys

The Freeze

Bad Brains


Government Issue


Red C

Battalion of Saints

Gorilla Biscuits

Suicidal Tendencies

The Faction

Dead Kennedys

The Middle Class

The Weirdos

The Big Boys


For those pedants out there, I know that not all bands are from LA or DC (some are from other parts of California, a couple from NYC and one is actually from fucking Texas!), but you get the picture.