This Birthday Totally Rocks 13th November


This week’s show is dedicated to my brother because it is his Birthday today.  All of this week’s bands have some spurious connection to him, whether we went to see them together, he gave me their albums as presents or he was simply with me when I bought them.  First up its FIDLAR who my brother told me were awesome and he was right.  Then its on to Mean Jeans who we saw in Portland back in 2011, next it’s on to Tongan Death Grip, Radioactivity and Low Culture.  Last time I was in San Diego we saw Plateaus in The Casbah who are hosting The Supersuckers in DecemberQui sneaks in because they are playing Brick by Brick in December as well.  Next its another gig we went to, this time in Dublin with No Spill Blood and Jogging.  Next we get a spate of albums I received as presents with some Obits, Against Me, The Damned, The Hives, Rocket from the Crypt, Spider Fever and the Heartaches and then finish off with three more gigs we went to together at different points in our lives : Archers of Loaf, The Beastie Boys and our first gig ever,  Stevie Wonder.

This show rocks, these bands rock, my brother totally rocks.