This No Screaming Punk Show Totally Rocks 3rd November

This week’s show was going to be a pop(ish) punk spectacular, but then I realised that I don’t have very much pop punk and what most people think of when I say Pop punk is the stuff I can’t stand.  So its a punk show without much shoutin and roarin.  If that sounds like your bag, tune in for:

The Arrivals

Neigborhood Brats
The Marked Men
Autistic Youth
Psyched to Die
Big Crux
Occult Detective Club
Sass Dragons
Against Me
The Ergs
Something Fierce
Hanson Brothers
The Thermals
Gordon Ganos Army
Beat Beat Beat
The Kids
Overnight Lows
Tongan Death Grip
Bad Religion
The Ramones
The Briefs
The Hives
Career suicide
That’s your lot.  Listen loud and then go for a nice walk (the autumn colours are lovely)