This Pre-Dictators Gig Show Totally Rocks


This week’s show embraces the inherent conflict of interest that is being in a band and doing a radio show.  It is a shameless plug for Saturday nights Dictators + objectorZ Gig in DBD at which I will be both part of the entertainment as well as a member of the entertained.  If you like your punk proto, your punk ’77 and/or your punk NYC, this show is for you.  Tune in for:

The MC5 (click link for video of Dick Manitoba singing with The MC5)

The Dictators

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

Richard Hell and the Voidoids

The New York Dolls


The Dickies

The Hard Ons

Pink Fairies

The Dictators

the objectorZ

Dead Boys

The Stooges

The Runaways

Destroy All Monsters


The Dictators

That’s the lot.  As the bands mostly pre-date websites most links take you to great live youtube videos.

Tune in, rock out, come to the gig on Saturday