This Punk/Garage Halloween Party Totally Rocks 27th October


This week’s show is a Punk/Garage Halloween party.  Every band or song has some spurious connection to the holiday, most of which are the word Witch in the title with a smattering of Demon, Dracula and Frankenstein. Tune in for the following creepy ass tunes:

Moutpiece Dracula’s Daughter

Dead Kennedys Halloween

Tight Bros From Way Back – Witchy Potion

Melvins – Blood Witch

Mudhoney- Halloween

Pierced Arroews – Frankenstiein

Electric Frankenstien – I’ll Be Standing on My Own

Fleshtones – You Can’t Get Him Frankenstein

The Boo Jays – Creepy Crawling

The Sonics – Witch

Lost Sounds – You Must be a Witch

King Tuff – Demon from Hell

TwinKranes – Witch Hunt

Spider – Witch Cookie

Secret Prostitutes – Tuan Drakula

Sonido Alfredo – El Dracula

Nightbirds – Demon Haunted World

Gay Witch Abortion – Down with Giants

Witch – Rip Van Winkle

Rozwell Kid – Haloween 3.5

Demonics – Demon Garage

Screaming Lord Sutch- I’m in Love with Draula’s Daughter

That’s your lot.  Play it loud and don’t forget to help the Halloween Party