This Robot DJ Totally Rocks 14th August


This week I had a guest take over the mic for the between song banter because it is the middle of the summer and my free time and my microphone aren’t always in the same place at the same time.  Luckily DJ Adult American Male #1 was kind enough to come in spin a few tunes and rabbit on about who knows what.  He kicks things off with some Pop Punk/Power Pop from FIDLAR, Tongan Death Grip  (free download at link), The Powerchords, The Tranzmitors, The Marked Men, The Briefs and Snuff.  Next its on to some 80’s hardcore from 7 Seconds, The Freeze and the Zero Boys before AAM #1 skips around the world a bit for some Venereans (free download at link), The Vicious, The Hex Dispensers, Jay Reatard, King Tuff and Th Losin’ Streaks.  He belts out a couple of hits from Against Me and Iggy Pop and then goes well weird with Von LMO.  Rounding things off it’s a new one from Fucked Up, an old one from Black Flag, an obscure one from Men Without Pants and a completely wigged out one from FUZZ.  Normal service may resume next week or I may get DJ British Adult Female #4 on to the decks to bang out a few tunes.

Anyways, Tune in, Log on, rock out!!!