This Show Totally Rocks 2nd February

New week, new show, just me, let’s go!!

This week’s show is a bit of a mish mash of decades and genres.  I’ve been listening to a bit of Fugazi related bands lately and started off thinking of doing a Dischord/DC Hardcore show, but then halfway through picking songs I realised I wanted to play a bit of older Killed By Death type of stuff as well.  What you get tonight is a combination of the two.  There is nothing particularly Hi-Fi here, but there are some cracking tunes.   Click play for:



Minor Threat

The Testors

The Cortinas

Teenage Popeye


Bad Brains


The Flesh Eaters

The Molls

The Slugs

Slant 6


Q and not You

The Controllers

Dead Kennedys

Dag Nasty

Fire Exit 

Mark Truth and the Liars


Splash Four

That’s your lot.  A lot of the bands are obscure enough that they don’t have websites or live videos so I’ve linked them to discogs where you can spend a week’s wages on a singular 7 Inch.  The rest are Dischord bands that surprisingly have their own bandcamp pages.