This Show Totally Rocks 56 17th October


This week’s show kicks off with three classic bands: The Dwarves, The Damned and the Angry Samoans.  Next up its an old one from The Reds, who featured Mark Ryan of the Mind Spiders (played last week) and Jeff Burke of Radioactivity (hopefully play next week if I can get my hands on the new album).  Then its on to great tunes from The Modern Machines, Leatherface, Sultans, Dinosaur Jr., Eddie Current Suppression Ring, the Fall-Outs, Gas Hufer and The Yolks.  At the half hour mark its a dedication to Conzo and the lads in The Problem Blob who played this Oblivians song in The Grand Social on Monday night.  Conzo gets a proper day out with a bit of  Moutpiece and then its on to The Hatepinks, Lover!, The Deadly Snakes and The Coconut Coolouts. As we always try support local acts, beers, radio, etc here on Radioactive , we’ve got another local tune from The Things  with the a-side off their first 7″ and then its a bit more horror punk from The HorrorsBad Brains and The Minutemen round things off with classic tunes from their respective classic albums.  (Click onto the Minutement link for the documentary ‘We Jam Econo”  (Which is great!))  Tune in, turn it up, support local music, support local food and drink, support free form radio.  BECOME A DJ ON RADIOACTIVE