This Show Totally Rocks 78 27th March


This week’s show is mostly about touring bands, bands that are playing here, bands that aren’t and bands that are playing other places.  That said the first band on the show tonight is one I hadn’t heard of until last week and one that broke up in 1988 – Pailhead.  Then its on to tomorrow nights gig in the Hut.  Although they haven’t put anything out yet, New Gods are described as being a cross between Dead Boys and Poison Idea so both of them get played and then the headline act Clocked Out get a turn.  Things continue with bands that have played in Dublin in recent years – Negative Approach, Career Suicide, Conflict and the Subhumans before we focus on bands that are touring, just not here – Autistic Youth, Neighborhood Brats, Low Culture, The Estranged, Mean Jeans and Red Fang (who are getting as close as the UK!) Next its Don Caballero, Jeff the Brotherhood, The Briefs, Natural Child, The Pixies, Fag Enablerz, Puget Sound, Electric Eel Shock (who are heading back here) and last The Butthole Surfers.

As always all bands are linked to sites where you can purchase the songs played on the show and/or bios, tour dates etc.  Support local bands, support local venues, support local gigs, if you are around tomorrow night head to the Clocked Out gig.  If you want to chat, have requests, etc.  Gimme a shout over on FB