This Show Totally Rocks 85 15th May


This week’s show is all over the jaysis shop to reflect the recent few weeks of my life. It all kicks off with a one two punch of Nomeansno and Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.  Then its on to a band that I just found out played Dublin last week – Clutch.  From there we move on to Helmet, Red Fang (free download at link), Fucked Up, Psyched to Die, The Zero Boys (new album out soon!?!) The Carbonas, Ex-Cult, The Reatards, The Brutal Knights, The Cheater Slicks, Reigning Sound, Gaunt, Superchunk, Mean Jeans, The Clorox Girls, The White Wries, The High Tension Wires and lastly a couple of good old fashioned Killed by Death comp bands, Willies and The Lewd

Tune in, turn it up, come over and help me paint my attic.