This Show Totally Rocks Numbero 31 25th April

Another seemingly endless week of winter weather, another batch of tunes to try to lighten the mood.  This week’s show was partially brought to you by guest DJ’s I’ve had over the last couple of years over on my 2XM show, The Loving Room Floor.  Tune is for loads of bands, some of which are so good that they have made it onto this show two weeks in a row.


No Means No,

Ty Segall,

The Mighty Atomics,

The Arrivals,


Hex Dispensers,

Bad Sports,

Angry Samoans,

The Real Numbers,

Flux of Pink Indians,

The Restarts,

Gang Green,

The Atoms,




The Hard-Ons,


Dead Kennedys,

The Dickies,

Culture Shock,

Pink Fairies,