This Show Totally Rocks Numero 36 30th May




This week’s show is full of guitar based shenanigans with a bit of organ stuck in the middle (ooh err!)  The show kicks off with some kick ass-ery from The New Bomb Turks and Gaunt.  In a shameless plug for tomorrow night’s free objectorZ gig in the Thomas House, I go ahead and play my own band.  Channelling this week’s sunny weather, we head down to Australia for The Celibate Rifles, The Saints and the Pink Fits, before heading to the equally sunny Austin Texas for a bit of Scratch Acid.  Occult Detective Club and Turbo Fruits follow before a few organs and harmonicas show up to the rock party with The Deadly Snakes, The Delta 72, The John Spencer Blues Explosion and The Horrors Mudhoney and Crime add a bit of grit, before The Dirtbombs turn the place all funky.  Next up is a classic from Leatherface who I find myself listening to a lot of lately and then it’s on to the Red Dons.  A bit of YouTube snooping uncovered this gem from Against Me so they get a look in with a track from Total Clarity which is the much less produced and rawer version of their last album before jumping to a proper label.  Finally it’s DOA’s turn to wrap things up.  Turn it up, play it loud, the bank holiday weekend is upon us!!!