This Show Totally Rocks Numero 40 27th June

GO TO GGI GO TO GGI GO TO GGI GO TO GGI.  I am going to spend the next few days throwing all mater of shapes and drinks into myself in a field in Ballina so I threw all sorts of stuff at this week’s show.  Ste has been clamouring for some proper Fugazi, so I not only played Fugazi, but went ahead and stuck a bit of Minor Threat in for the laugh.  Next up is a bit of CIV for Trevor (another request I was happy to grant and will continue to do so provided the bands requested aren’t total rubbish) and then on to some Really Red and some Henry Rollins.  Then it all goes fairly Killed by Death for a while with The Thermals,  The Swimming Pool Q’s,  Buzzcocks and The Boys.  Next up it’s the 2 greatest (and possibly only)  African American Punk bands to ever strap on guitars:  Death and Bad Brains.  At the half way mark it’s a Portland double header with Poison Idea and Defect Defect, before throwing out a few for the kids with Diarrhea Planet, Rozwell Kid, Jeff the Brotherhood and Magic Jake and the Powercrystals.  Then its one for the adults from The Soft Boys, before finishing with a set for  the younger (than me) generation with FIDLAR, Audacity, Neon Piss, the Lovely Bad Things and King Tuff rounding off the proceedings.  Tune in, play Loud, Go to the GGI.