This Show Totally Rocks Number 45 1st August


This week’s show reflects the weather.  It’s loud, a bit angry and abrasive and there isn’t much sunshine going on.  The shows a couple of weeks ago with lots of nice power pop and sunny summery tunes seem like years ago already.  The Dead Boys kick things off with one of the stonest coldest classicist classics of all time.  Staying with the classics it’s a bit of DOA, Zero Boys and 7 Seconds.  Next it’s a whole host of newish tunes starting with local punks The Fag Enablerz and then OFF!, Peligro (click link for free link of album), Career Suicide, Queens of the Stone Age and The Night Marchers.  Things go pretty rockin with The Tight Bros from Way Back When, The Melvins, Unsane and Hammerhead.  Then it’s to new recommendations from California X, Double Dagger, Obits and Rozwell Kid, before Leatherface and the Butthole Surfers wrap up the proceedings.  As always all bands are linked to extra info, tunes, videos etc, so check them out, check the tunes out, just don’t check that jaysus weather out…and if you do, watch out for Sharknados