Whatever You’re Havin’ #35 – there’s a big hole where your dreams should be

I’d no mic this week so just a straight mix of tunes. All the Mega City Four is for birthday boy Donal in Sweden.

Dalliance - The Wedding Present
Start - Mega City Four
Savage Eyes - Livids
69 City - Gaz Le Rok
Only Tomorrow - My Bloody Valentine
Legacy - Iroha
Summer 720 - Bored Spies
Corduroy - The Wedding Present
Round The City Square - Bob Mould
Messenger - Mega City Four
One Way Conversation - the objectorZ
Things I Never Said - Mega City Four
Stop Bleeding - Livids
Static Interference - Mega City Four
Keep Believing - Bob Mould
Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn - Swervedriver