Whatever You’re Havin’ #6

Springtime - Leatherface
Divide and Conquer - Husker Du
Perfect Circle - Mega City Four
Single as Usual - Muscle Car
Boredom - The Buzzcocks
Girl in the Sweater - The Hard-Ons
Positive Frame of Mind - Moutpiece
I Wanna Deadbeat You - The Nightmarchers
God is Dead - Leatherface
One Way Conversation - the objectorZ
Around Again - Hi Fi Hand Grenades
Sea of Pearls - Bitch Magnet
Sunny Day - Mexican Pets
Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
Scrawl and Scream - Swervedriver
Glad Girls - Guided by Voices
Stay Positive - The Hold Steady
Fast and Hard - Bash & Pop
Light 'em Up - The Fags