Workers Radio #3 test transmission

chumbawamba tubthumping / land of do what your told
Utah Phillips / Ani DiFranco – The Internationale
The Simpsons – Union Strike Song
Mason Williams – Classical Gas
The Dish – Hawaii Five O
Elvis Mcgonagall – A Game Of Two Halves
half man half biscuit – all i want for christmas is a dukla-prague away kit
Sultans of Ping FC – give him a ball (and a yard of grass)
Wire – 3 girl rhumba
Beirut – Nantes
Miriam Donohue – street car
Tinderbox – the state of play
ANC blog post
Angus & Julia – stone big jet plane
Pink Floyd – Another Bick in the Wall
The Waterboys – This Is The Sea
Ani DiFranco – Self Evident