• We are a collective of like minded people who are passionate about their music, art and politics, sometimes we like to mash it all up and sometimes keep it separate. We are a free form radio station with no formats or playlists or genres that DJs have to adhere to. We have few rules, but the main rule is no fascists, racists, sexists, homophobes or religious presenters. The music and politics and art is mainly leftist and alternative and a motto of the station is we’re not here to break the law with an illegal radio station just to play bland pop music, that is available on many of the state and corporate stations. Radioactive International has nearly 40 DJ’s playing a varied mixture of alternative music from punk, metal, ska, reggae and historical recordings. We broadcast online but also transmit live from gigs and festivals.
  • Hope Show 111

    Hope Show 111 1. The Blades – The Last Man In Europe 2. Mighty Midgets – Burn After Rolling 3. Wonk Unit – Nan 4. Bad Brains – I and I Survive 5. Jinx Lennon […]

    Jan, 31

    Adventures in Stereo #135

    This week a selection of track from and featuring the talents of pianist, songwriter and producer  Chilly Gonzales.  Enjoy! Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro Chilly Gonzales – Let’s Groove Again Daft Punk – […]

    Jan, 28

    Easy Snappin’

    Show Number 1 Theophilus Beckford- Easy Snappin’ Alton Ellis- Dance Crasher Puget Sound – Rebellion Soom T Disrupt- Boom Shiva Mos Dub (Mos Def) – Johnny Too Beef Calypso Rose- Israel by bus Aggrolites-Jimmy Jack […]

    Jan, 28

    This Show Totally Rocks 28th January 2016

    This week’s show has got loads of guitars, because loads of guitars are deadly.  Tune in for: Fugazi Queens of the Stone Age  Burning Brides Gluecifer  Fucked Up Annihilation Time  Trashcat Jawbox Double Dagger Pet […]

    Jan, 28

    The Sound Of Soul – Show 2

    hb barnum – having a party jerry knight – i’m down for that lw5 – ripe for the picking carl weathers – that’s love calling seven – golden stairs ray goodman & brown – where […]

    Jan, 28

    The HMD Radio Show 159

    Firestone – Pale 31 (4.9%) Nebuchadnezzar – Imperial IPA (8.5%) The Shrine – Acid Drop Unearthly Trance – Solar Eye Wo Fat – Beggar’s Bargain Zom – Tombs of The Void White Hills – I […]

    Jan, 28

    Random Green Penny – Week Twenty Five

    1. ghosts of breslau – the girl under the lantern 2. gruuthaagy – scheiss europa 3. morogh – emotional impossibilities 4. kshatriy – growing mushrooms 5. deepdark – in the woods 6. zeitkratzer – white […]

    Jan, 26


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