Freedom fry hi-fi: Episode 3, Le Crackleque

  • Gigue (Corelli) – Carlos Salzedo
  • Long line rider – Bobby Darin
  • She’s a heartbreaker – Gene Pitney
  • Gone gone gone – the Everlys
  • The chase- ken thorne
  • meeting point – indo jazzmen
  • message from kenya -art blakey and sabu
  • Zungo -Nina Simone
  • A Horn -Stan Kenton
  • Lens Cycle – kay Weaver
  • Son of a Gun- Sanford Clark
  • The Fool -Scatman crowthers
  • title in hindu- Mohd Rafi and chorus
  • you gotta know how to truck and swing – Modern mountaineers
  • Polka “Filutka”- Edward mika and Tadeusz Zadroga
  • Song without words – Sybil Sanderson Fagan

sorry but, eh, the sound level dips noticably on the last two tracks…and yes I realise after recording the show hazlewood released “son of a gun” the version on the show was recorded about 5 years before his version, and it a bit of a cosmic coincedience the track “the fool’ that follows “son of a gun” was originally recorded by Sanford clark, thanks interweb for that info.