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  • All My Friends – Show #3

    Welcome to “All My Friends” on www.radioactiveinternational.org live and streaming all over the world!

    “All My Friends” is dedicated to bringing you the best #NewMusic every week with me your host Dave Murphy.


    01- J. Cole + Major Lazer – Get Free ColeWorld

    Some reflective dub influenced Hip-Hop from Major Lazer and J. Cole dealing with the social pressure we live with in the modern world from friends, family and society that push us to reject our community. When in all reality understanding who we are is a better way forward than the aspirational fakeness push upon us! Be true. For more on Major Lazer see http://majorlazer.com/

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    02 – Mark Ronson – Glass Mountain Trust (feat. D’Angelo) (B. Bravo & Teeko Re-Funk)

    If your shoulders don’t shuffle up and down to this then you haven’t got a pulse! 21st Century Supa Dupa Soul Funk Odyssey from Mark Ronson featuring no other than D’Angelo “Glass Mountain Trust” is just what the doctor ordered. Great to hear Mark Ronson being inventive again! And where on earth has D’Angelo been? By the sound of this track he’s been in outer space for the last few years. Wow! For more on Mark Ronson see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Ronson

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    03 – Dragonette – Live In This City (Database Remix)

    This is a party battle cry for all you party queens and kings stomping through the clubs on a night out. With a classy remix by Database “Live In This City” is an instant floor filler. For more on Dragonette see http://soundcloud.com/dragonette

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    04 – Icona Pop – I Love It (Style of Eye Remix)

    A pulsating aural assault on the senses that pulls genres like sample but manages to hold together remarkably for the duration; “I Love It (Style of Eye Remix) by Swedish duo Icona Pop is an addictive rollercoaster rave ride that leaves you pale and faint but dying for more, classic. For more on Icona Pop see http://www.iconapop.com/

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    05 – Eaux – i

    Dark, brooding, progressive and so grandly cinematic in scale that “I” by Eaux could easily be one part of science fiction or super-hero film score. Hailing for London town, the French named Eaux have a lot to offer fans of Matthew Dear or anyone into progressively minded music that doesn’t like any feeling or emotion. Maybe not for the dance floor but definitely worth our attention.  For more on Eaux see http://soundcloud.com/eauxeaux

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    06 – Everything Everything – Cough Cough (Xahpoon Jones Remix)

    Manchester’s Everthing Everything bring us on a jerky jaunty trip on “Cough Cough (Xahpoon Jones Remix)” that reminds me of equal parts Friendly Fires and Tom Vek; all very danceable but in a very unnatural way, as the time signatures change so frequently. For more on Everything Everything see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_Everything

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    07 – Child Actor – If You Loved Me

    A beautifully built wall of sound is created right from the start by Child Actor on this stunning track “If You Loved Me” as the female to male vocals cross to build deliberately accidental melodies held up with layers of sounds both machine made and organic. Taken from their long player “Victory”. For more on Child Actor see http://chldactr.bandcamp.com/

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    08 – Beast Patrol – Disbeliever

    As close to straight up Rock you will ever hear on All My Friends, “Disbeliever” is a golden Blondie fused track. Additive, fresh and yet you feel like you have always known it. Yep. It’s that simple and good. For more on Beast Patrol see http://beastpatrol.com/

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    09 – Ceremony – Everything Burns

    It starts with a lick and ends with a kick! Pow! And it’s over. Ceremony’s “Everything Burns” is a spikey punch reminiscent of the Libertine’s at the height of their prowess. For more on Ceremony see http://www.ceremonyhc.com/

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    10 – Hopewell – The King & The Canary

    This one is for all of you who remember Mercury Rev and chillingly beautiful sounds that used to make nearly a decade ago. Hopewell if you can’t tell by listening to them, are made up of  parts of Mercury Rev and initially came onto my radar a good few years back when launch their first album through their website. It’s great to have them back and “The King & The Canary” is a nice reminder of why we need bands like them. For more on Hopewell see http://www.hopewell.tv/

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    11 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)

    A shimmering beauty of a track “Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra has a fresh sound to it that is driven by a Northern Soul beat and Sixties sounding vocals akin to a male version Vashti Bunyan. For more on Unknown Mortal Orchestra see http://unknownmortalorchestra.com/

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    12 – Blackbird Blackbird – Ginuwine – Differences (Blackbird Blackbird Bootleg Remix)

    A band remixing their own output is always interesting to me. But when the results add up to “Ginuwine – Differences (Blackbird Blackbird Bootleg Remix)” it is worth even more than the sum of the original parts. In many ways similar in genre busting style to Chet Faker from last week’s show Blackbird Blackbird are also happy to do their own thing regardless of what is happening and in effect push things forward. http://blackbirdblackbird.com/

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    13 – Miike Snow – Pretender (Dem Slackers Remix)

    Though “Pretender” is taken from this year’s long player “Happy To You” by Miike Snow, this remix by Dem Slackers is a rip roaring electro shocker that feels like Justice juiced up to 11. For more on Miike Snow see http://www.miikesnow.com/

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    14 – That Work – Soul On Fire (Yung Skeeter Remix)

    New York nu disco crew That Work get there “Soul On Fire” track reworked in to an electro tech house beast by Yung Skeeter aka DJ Skeet Skeet. It’s deep and lush but never labours due to the pulsating beat that is sure to have you dancing in your kitchen or on the club floor.  For more on That Work see http://thatwork.com/

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    After sticking a very large two fingers up to their record label earlier in the week and leaking the album “No Love Deep Web” all over the internet, Death Grips are due to play the UK and some show in Europe later this month. If you didn’t download the album yet, get it here now – Death Grips – NO LOVE DEEP WEB

    If you like what you hear or want to hear your music on the show you can drop me a message on twitter @davemurphydj or by email davemurphydj@radioactiveinternational.org or davemurphydj@gmail.com

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