All The Best Freaks Are Here (35 – 3/11/2014)

All The Best Freaks Are Here this week looks back at 2 compilation albums that were important in their day. Impossible to imagine this existing today. Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands (1996) and For Your Machine (2000) each get a half an hour in tonight’s show. Zip… is a compilation that tied up a scene while FYM set the scene for the 2000s. A good number of the musicians involved here and still making music and a lot of it gets played on ATBFAH. Keep it up rockers!

Wormhole, Pet Lamb, Jackbeast, Female Hercules, Capratone, Rumble, Bambi, The Josephs, Mexican Pets, Connect4Orchestra, Joan Of Arse, The Coldspoon Conspiracy, Steve Fanagan, Large Mound, John Cowhie, John Hegarty.

Freaks 65