Cultural Diabetes Number 5


Welcome to the fifth edition of Cultural Diabetes where we will be playing the usual mix of punk rock goodness, this time with an added twist of Devo deliciousness¬†in honour of guitarist Bob Casales who passed away this week. Coming up on this weeks show we have….

The Proletariat – Options

Crucifucks – Cops for fertilizer

Litmus Green – H.A.N.K

Adrenaline O.D – Yuppies

Riistytet – No Pasaran

Asbestos – Born to kill

Corrupted morals – Be all you can be

Big Black – Pigeon kill

Born against – Well fed fuck

Black Flag – Wound up

D.F.L – Home is where the heart is

Agent Orange – No such thing

Gorilla Biscuits – No reason why

Stomach – Wasted

Section 4 -Night in the cells

Runnin’ Riot – Victimisation

Dr. Shitface – Air hockey queen

X – Because I do

Flipper  РYou naught me

Devo – Gates of Steel, Coalmine, Booji boy’s funeral

Thanks again for your continued support and as usual we can be contacted through the links below..

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather