Easy Snappin’ 19- Prime Time Rhyme

Originally posted 2013-02-26 21:00:46.

Well there was so much good music to put in this week that’s there was no room for chat.. Old tunes from the vinyl vaults and brand new tunes from; Costello and G.I. (from their new album MaryJane which is launched tomorrow night Wednesday 27th Feb in the Twisted Pepper), Koncrete Roots aka. Thomas Kenney from Derby and a tune from the new Public Enemy album ‘The Evil Empire of Everything’.. I’m off on holidays for the next few weeks so catch ye then!

  • [[The Last Poets]]- E Pluribus Nimbum (’73)
  • [[Benjamin Zephaniah]]- Dis Policeman keeps kicking me to Death (’83)
  • [[Silent Poets]]- Children of the Future (Turnpike Blues Mix) (’95)
  • [[Marxman]]- Whassinit? for the cynic (new orleans voodoo remix) (’96)
  • [[Credit to the Nation]]- Call it what you Want- One Little Indian (’93)
  • Relevance feat Exile Eye- Split Semantics – All City Records (’03)
  • Costello- Mary – Workin Class Records (2013)
  • The Brotherhood- Punk Funk (’96)
  • Captain Moonlight- Trippin’ Through My Dreams -All City Records (’03)
  • Ghetto Priest feat. Rira & Junior Delgado- Show Them (’03)
  • Thomas Kenney aka Koncrete Roots- Welcome to Britain (2013)
  • [[Swamp Dogg]]- Shut Your Mouth (’89)
  • [[Public Enemy]] – Say It Like It Really Is (2013)

Easy Snappin 19- Prime Time Rhyme