Freedom fry Hi-fi spins for your supper

Tonight’s show is all about food and drink, I’ve put together a cookin’ mix to help you get your holiday prep together, no talk just prime organic hand picked platters to get every kitchen swinging. Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving Turkeys

spinning for your supper

hunger is from – ken nordine

scotch and water –  cannonball adderly sextet

sallys tomato – henry mancini

cow bells and coffee beans – henry mancini

champagne and quail – henry mancini

bacalao con pan – grupo irakere

Kentucky skank –  lee perry

scotch and soul –  rufus Harley

apples and oranges –  the pink Floyd

a mug of ale -joe venuti

pound your plantain – Talbot brothers

blackberry brandy –  Rolando alphonso

raspberry lane – Margaret macarthur and family

pink champagne –  joe liggins and his honey drippers

goodbye booze – Charlie poole

shuckin’  the corn -bluegrass gentlemen

wined and dined – syd barrett