• Radioactive International is a collective of like-minded people who are passionate about their music, art and politics. We are a free-form radio station with no set formats, playlists or genres. We have nearly 40 DJs playing a varied mixture of alternative music from punk, metal, ska, reggae and historical recordings. Our main rule? No fascists, racists, sexists, homophobes or religious presenters. We broadcast online, but also transmit live from gigs and festivals. Expect to hear about lefty music, politics and art. A motto of the station is that we’re not here to break the law with an illegal radio station just to play bland pop music available on many of the state and corporate stations.
  • Prog Rock

    The HMD Radio Show 222

    Brooklyn – Bel Air Sour (5.8%) LA – 3 Bean Stout (13%) Pallbearer – Thorns The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Satori Saturndust – Astral Dominion Neuron – Zolien Mammoth Mammoth – Hole In The Head […]

    May, 11

    The HMD Radios Show 221

    Siren – Hop Candy (9.2%) Siren – Acid Jam (9.7%) Possessor – Scorpion Swamp 1000Mods – Loose Mammoth Mammoth – Kickin My Dog Endless Boogie – Back In ‘74 Captives of The void – Freak […]

    May, 04

    The HMD Radio Show 220

      Sleep – Dragonauht Riff Fist – Push The Button Giobia – The World Was Being Watched Closely Glitter Wizard – Scales The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust Pt 1(excerpt) 1000 Mods – Electric Carve Lowrider […]

    Apr, 27

    The HMD Radio Show 219

    Northern Monk – Passion Fruit Lassi IPA (7.4%) Yuri Gagarin – Oblivion Wolves In The Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance Bongzilla – Grim Reefer Suma – War On Drugs Samsara Blues Experiment – For the […]

    Apr, 20

    The HMD Radio Show 215

    Cloud Water -SIPA Wat-iti (4.5%) Tool – Garden Of Eden Fruit IPA (6.4%) Cavra – Dos Soles Stonila – Snowfire Goya – Misanthropy on High Egon Schwarz – The Thing In The Basement Deathwish – […]

    Mar, 16

    The HMD Radio Show 208

    The Foxes Rock – IPA (5.2%) Krause – Sleep Of Fools Slayer – Hand Of Doom Sacred Reich – War Pigs Pitch Shifter – N.I.B Sleep – Snowblind The Heads – Mao Tinitus Danava – […]

    Jan, 26

    The HMD Radio Show 207

    West Kerry Brewing – Riasc Black (6.1%) O’Dell – Mountain Standard BIPA (8.1%) Sleep – The Clarity Kung Funghi – No Name Arctic – Over Smoked Krause – Leather Couch Lo-Pan – Go West Mother […]

    Jan, 19


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