Groove On The Wireless 219

The Doctor found himself in the house of Dublin’s finest – Don Rossco the other day and he spotted some music by Hans-Joachim Roedelius – and so he starts the show with a few from the old man who has been producing music for 50 years.

From there we go on to Eno and maintain the groove within electronic, then jazz then back to more rhythms from DJ Koze.

One hour of music.  The Dr. is busy with Together for Yes, so enjoy this new show for it may be a while before we get to 220 coming along….



  1. Roedelius – Randweg

  2. Roedelius – Rokkokko
  3. Eno – Another Green World
  4. Eno -By This River
  5. Eno – There is nobody
  6. Aphex Twin – Quimo-Phec
  7. Moses Boyd – Axis Blue
  8. Getachew Mekurya – Yegenet Muziqua
  9. Mount Kimble – Made to Stray (DJ Koze Remix)
  10. DJ Koze – Nein König Nein
  11. Two sandwiches short of a lunch box – Too good to be strange
  12. Alexander Tucker – Sitting in a Bardo Pond