Hang The Blessed DJ – Show #2


Happy New Year evlybody!! Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Decided to mix things up a bit for this weeks show and play a selection of (mostly) instrumental tracks, all of which immediately stood out the first time I heard them. Love listening to them alone, in the dark, with the volume cranked up. Enjoy!


Track Listing:

  • Miami Nice – Elastica
  • A Warm Place – Nine Inch Nails
  • Alone In Kyoto – AIR
  • 4th of July – U2
  • Opening Image – Arve Henriksen
  • Any Other Name – Thomas Newman
  • Requiem In D Minor – John Murphy
  • Soeqlopur – Sigur Rós
  • Austerlitz – The Jezabels
  • Everywhen – Massive Attack
  • Asphalt (Interlude) – Amusement Parks On Fire
  • Highway of Endless Dreams – M83
  • Adrift – Tycho