• Radioactive International is a collective of like-minded people who are passionate about their music, art and politics. We are a free-form radio station with no set formats, playlists or genres. We have nearly 40 DJs playing a varied mixture of alternative music from punk, metal, ska, reggae and historical recordings. Our main rule? No fascists, racists, sexists, homophobes or religious presenters. We broadcast online, but also transmit live from gigs and festivals. Expect to hear about lefty music, politics and art. A motto of the station is that we’re not here to break the law with an illegal radio station just to play bland pop music available on many of the state and corporate stations.
  • Hope Show 116

    Hope Show 116
    1. Uk Subs – Brand new Age
    2. Submission Hold – Tuesday Evening at the Dinner Table
    3. Comet Gain – Riffed Up Suit
    4. Pansy Division – Headbanger
    5. Mr T Experience – I fell for you
    6. Holiday – they said we could have everything in the argos catalogue
    7. Arbor Labor Union – radiant mountain road
    8. Johnathon Richman and the modern lovers – Pablo Picasso
    9. Flies On You – Method Actor
    10. Bangers – Blind Hindsight
    11. Billy Liar – Who I’ve Become
    12. The Briefs – So Stupid
    13. Baby Jugglers – Toupees of Tomorrow
    14. Happy Go Licky – Peterbilt
    15. Absolutist – Traverse
    16. The Chinkees – Another Angry Man Goes to war
    17. Operation Ivy – Take Warning
    18. Savages – The Answer
    19. Collusion – I’m Done
    20. G.L.O.S.S.- Lined Lips and Spiked Bats
    21. Hard LEft – In A Crowd

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