Groove on the Wireless 11 [Athena]

GrooveOnTheWireless11   Athena – Dr. Groove finds himself in Athens looking out at a ventilation shaft and wondering to himself all sorts of things [ as one does when you find yourself in hotel rooms on your own ] but the show goes on.  The Greeks are a nation of poets and the poetry is in the streets daubed on the walls —

Capitalism is Killing you   &

We are the first drops of the coming Storm.




  • Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
  • Sigur Ros & Mogwai – Zamsu (rare demo)
  • Billy Cobham – A funky kind of thing
  • Four Tet – Sing [Mosca remix]
  • People’s Choice – Do it anyway you want
  • Miles Davis – Shhh / Peaceful
  • Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

This Show Totally Fucking Rocks Numero Nieve 22nd November

This Show Totally Fuckin Rocks Number Nieve 22nd November

Alright you know the score- Another selection of kick ass tunes with some chatter in between (which may or may not allude to events, etc that have already happened)  Speaking of which, this weeks show makes a few allusions to the GGI Fest which has been running for years and years and which I unfortunately missed this year. This week’s show includes the following artists:


Jello and the Melvins,


Comets on Fire,


The Sultans,


Crime Wave,


something band who’s name escapes me right now,


Stalag 17,


Culture Shock,


Dory Torette and the Skirtheads,


Bass Drum of Death,




Bad Sports,


The Ramones,


The Eat,






The Fall Outs,


FM Bats,


So Cow,




Agent Orange,






The Fall


HMD – First of the rest

01 HMDRS_22112012 B

Here’s the my first show for the new incarnation of Radioactive, I will be on every Thursday at 8pm. Enjoy.

  1. DRI – I don’t need society.
  2. Groundhogs – I love mrs orgny
  3. Lawmower deth – ickyficky
  4. Melt banana – shield your eyes a beast
  5. Mogwai – Acid food
  6. The jams – Gary in the tardis
  7. Samhain – trouble
  8. Sepultura – inner self
  9. Tweek bird – eternal square dance
  10. Boris – pink
  11. Hawkwind – death trap
  12. Moby – that’s when I reach for my revolver
  13. Soundgarden – head down
  14. The locust – live from the Russian compound
  15. Torche – Out Again
  16. Player – Angel of theft

The sour song show no.4


the sour song show 4

1. sonic youth william s burroughs – what are you here for

2. esther philips – if you really love me

3. nine inch nails – dead souls

4. interpol – nyc

5. black rebel motorcycle club – loves burns

6. chemical brothers – asleep from day

7. joy division – ceremory

8. nick cave and the bad seeds – from her to eternity

9. babyshambles – gang of gin

10. sigor ros – nyja lagid

11. sonic youth – tabla in suburbia

12. yeah yeah yeahs – whenever i wake up

13. lee hazelwood – sacrifice

14. chris isaak – baby did a bad bad thing

15. foetus – bedrock

Whatever You’re Havin’ #9 – caveman style, for Reynald

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0009 – Caveman Style

First Horse in Space - Female Hercules
Toughen Up - Female Hercules
Boom Swagger Boom - The Murder City Devils
She was a Mau Mau - The 5,6,7,8s
Painkiller - Female Hercules
The Witch - The Mono Men
Chinese Rocks - Ramones
Inside You - Female Hercules
Bellbottoms - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Sweetheart - Female Hercules
5 Years Ahead of My Time - The Nomads
Record Player - Female Hercules
Loose - The Stooges
One Quick Shot - Female Hercules
(Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling - New Bomb Turks
4 Wild Studs - Female Hercules
19th Nervous Breakdown - The Humpers
Caveman Style - Female Hercules
You Got Good Taste - The Cramps
Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice - The Monks
La Fin Du Monde - The Dirtbombs
Sexual Frustration - Female Hercules
Cinema Lines - Female Hercules
Goodbye Toulouse - The Stranglers

photo courtesy of Wide Frank


workers radio #5 #savita

Workers Radio #5 #savita

  1. News clip reports of the death of Savita Halappavar
  2. This Woman’s Work (2011) – Kate Bush
  3. Praveen Halappanavar RTE News at One interview
  4. Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush
  5. O’Connell Street Dublin 17/11/2012 3pm
  6. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
  7. Poem “The Statue of the Virgin at Granard” by Paula Meehan
  8. interview – Richard Boyd Barrett TD
  9. Mná na h-Éireann – Kate Bush
  10. interview with broadcaster Mick Fitzgerald
  11. Cloudbusting – Kate Bush
  12. Clare Daly TD
  13. Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel (backing vocals by Kate Bush)
  14. Pro Choice Protest March to the Dail

Easy Snappin’ Episode 9

Micheal o Muircheartaigh- Nothing Compares 2 U


Soom T-Survivor

Bad Boys – Veronica

Mo- T- Shut Your Mouth

Costello- Illosophical (Featuring William Lee)

Public Enemy-How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People who Sold their Soul

Alpha Blondy-Apartheid is Nazism

Michael Rose-Guess Who’s Coming to dinner

Slim Smith & the Uniques – (The love i saw in you was) Just a Mirage

Rudy Mills – John Jones

Clarence Frogman Henry- Ain’t got no Home

Hasil Adkins – She said

Anne Briggs- Sullivan’s john

Balogh Mária and Ternipe Együttes – Muri Semo Gadzhi

Eric Morris – Oil in my Lamp

The Radiators from Space- Sunday World

Adam and the ants – 1977 demo – Beat My Guest

Negativland –  Dear Mary

Business- Smash the Discos

Snipers -East End Nightmare

Buzzcocks- Flat Pack Philosophy


Easy Snappin Episode 9

Suburban Superheroes – Persistence is Fertile #8

Spudarchy Surburban Superheroes ssh8

The adventures of the two exiled aliens as they send Transmissions home to the mother-planet – Spudarchy Groove (Dr.) and Krossie (Krossphader) are the earth host names of two aliens who’ve been sent to report back from this planet, to their own home planet of Spudarchy.
Some, indeed many, back on Spudarchy, listen to their transmissions from Earth via these podcasts and there is a growing movement on their home planet to end the banishment that was imposed on them for what has become known as ‘the controversy’. They receive technical help from the Engineer Soviet Pop.

Jody Kitchen Noises #11

Jody Songs from the Kitchen #11
The Vaselines, Caesers, Violent Femmes, Culture Shock, Sloan, They Might be Giants


  • The Vaselines – Son of a Gun
  • We Start Fires – Magazine
  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – This Love is Fucking Right
  • Caesers – Strawberry Weed
  • Dagger Lees – Bad Shoes
  • The Strokes – Take It or Leave It
  • Rocketship – Kisses
  • The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control
  • The White Stripes – Fell in Love With A Girl
  • Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
  • The Builders and Butchers – Black Dresses
  • The Ordinary Boys – Boys Will Be Boys
  • Culture Shock – Catching Flies
  • The Grates – 19 20 20
  • Hurricane Bells – Made a Deal With the City
  • Little Joy – Keep Me in Mind
  • They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng
  • Sloan – I Am the Cancer
  • Mother Mother – Polynesia
  • Savages – Husbands
  • Freedom fry hi-fi: Episode 4, fly goalie

    freedom fry hi fi 4

    • donkey serenade-gaylord carter
    • qalbi yigilli fitah-najah sale
    • taxim-gus vali
    • cumbia de caribe-los melodicos
    • la mafafa- los guaracheros de orient
    • anabocoa-chapuseaux y damiron
    • give me one dollar- calypso serenader
    • cry fi de youth- supercat
    • alvins boogaloo-alvin cas
    • main title/overture forbidden planet – loius and bebe barron
    • all are one -eric burdon and the animals
    • forbidden party (soundtrack Malamondo)- ennio morricone
    • slow rock – betti mays
    • nightlife- fletcher henderson
    • song to the emperor – male with tcherawata

        I called the show fly goalie because i had great difficulty getting to the next disc and there is a bit more silence, run out grooves and dead air than usual, still silence is golden,innit.

    Three Chord Classical – 1

    3 chord classical

    A classical show for music lovers who have never made the classical leap, of which there are many.

    A classical show for people who don’t know what a symphony of an opus number is.

    A classical show for people who think classical music is wallpaper.

    A classical show in 3-minute, 3-chord chunks….3 minutes, anyway.


    • 1. Shostakovich – Three Fantastic Dances, 3
    • 2. Satie – Ogive 1
    • 3. Liszt – Consolation 6
    • 4. Thomas Newman – Dead Already (American Beauty OST)
    • 5. Bernstein – On the Town Suite (The Great Lover)
    • 6. John Adams – Short Ride on a Fast Machine
    • 7. Respighi – Ancient Airs & Dances, suite 3 (move 4)
    • 8. Brahms – Piano Quartet in C-minor (2, Scherzo)
    • 9. Brahms – String Quartet1 in C-minor (1)
    • 10. Prokofiev – Romeo & Juliet, Act II finale
    • 11. Elgar – Enigma Variations, Nimrod
    • 12. Rachmaninov – Vespers, Nunc Dimitis
    • 13. Philip Glass – Witchita Sutra Vortex
    • 14. Chopin – Nocturn, opus 15, no.3

    One eight of a show – Hope SHow *8

    hopeshowNumber8Playlist for tonight

    fawn spots spanish glass

    A death in the family is no more but check out their album This Microscopic War scrape is from that album

    Bis played Dublin on Saturday afternoon April 20 1996 with Bikini Kill + Huggy Bear. It doesn’t stand for Bank for International Settlements but a punk rock band. Tell It To the kids

    Badgewearer Two Minutes In the very dubious company of Alan Clarke
    Dauntless Elite God Doesn’t Believe I Exist

    Bedfod Falls St Swithins Day from their new album Elegant Balloons out NOW on Boss Tuneage

    Black Eyes Someone Has His Fingers Broken

    Soccer Team So You Like It Vague

    The Evens All These Governors. new album The Odds out NOW

    Dagda The Wheel

    Vanilla Pod Saturday Night

    Geoffrey Oicott War Of The Roses

    Giveamanakick – Say No To Sports from Is it OK To BE Loud Jesus lp

    descendents Silly Girl

    Fifteen Punk Song

    Joe Strummer and the mescaleros – Redemption Song RIP JOE

    The Skabby Skuffle


    Special guest Mikel Echeberria joins me tonight to select some ska flavoured tunes.
    Many from the 3rd wave from the USA and a few from closer to home.

    1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
    2. The Busters – Doctor Love
    3. Granville Williams Orchestra – Beverly Hillbilly Ska
    4. The Slackers – 86 The Mayo
    5. The Nods – All I Ever Wanted
    6. Deal’s Gone Bad – Fat Cat
    7. Madness – La Luna
    8. Deal’s Gone Bad – Can’t Stop It Ska
    9. The Scofflaws – In The Basement
    10. The Nods – Ray-Gun Sally
    11. The Aggrolites – The Sufferer
    12. The Slackers – Mommy
    13. The Aggrolites – The Heat
    14. The Nods – Sleep Outside
    15. Arthur Kay and The Originals – Limehouse Lady
    16. Chris Murray – Why We Go to War
    17. The Busters – Smile
    18. The Scofflaws – Don’t Listen To Your Monkey
    19. The Slackers – The Same Everyday
    20. Easy Big Fella – Amen
    21. Madness – My Mum’s Roses
    22. King Apparatus – Liars
    23. Deal’s Gone Bad – The Cost (DJ Version)
    24. Granville Williams Orchestra – Third Man Theme