This Show Totally Rocks Numero 24 7th March


This Show Totally Rocks Numero 24 7th March

This week we have a smattering of the old with the new.  The classic with the soon to be classic.  Tune in for:

Dead Kennedys,

Black Flag,


Night Birds,

No Hope For the Kids,

Toys That Kill,

Against Me,


The Cybermen,

The Mean Jeans,


Matt K Shrugg,

Tokyo Electron,

The Members,

The Vapours,


Jeff The Brotherhood,




Sass Dragons

and finally a bit of live Big Black. Tune in, it’s nearly the weekend!!!

The HMD Radio Show 16

The HMD Radio Show 16

Amebix – God of the Grain
Black Tusk – Red Eyes Black Skies
Suicidal Tendencies –  Send Me Your Money
High On Fire – Bastard Samuari
Slayer – Ghosts of War
Silverbullet – Raw Power Angel
Pet Lamb – Knightmare on Dame St
Pink Floyd – The Nile Song
Brutal Truth – Die Laughing
Church Of Misery – Soul Discharge
Helmet – Unsung
Horse The Band – A Million exploding Suns
No spill Blood – Good Company
Melodica Deathship – Blaxck Shjip Cxoming
Andrew Weatherall – A Pox on the Pioneers

the sour song show no.19


the sour song show 19

He dreamt that night

that without warning

the earth’s magnetic pull let go,

as a boy lets go a kite,

to watch it careen untethered.

He and the people in the street

began to rise ever so slowly,

ever so gently,

and it happened so suddenly

that nobody had

time to be afraid or to comprehend

the gravity of the situation.

Thousands of feet

into the atmosphere,

he looked back toward

the receding globe,

a blue Christmas ornament now,

diminishing, finishing.

So fragile, so exquisite,

he thought.

I lived there once

and would give my very soul

to go back.


Whatever You’re Havin’ #23 – death to false metal

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0023 – death to false metal

Scaradh - Rest
The Thing That Should Not Be - Unida
Satanic Rites of Drugula - Electric Wizard
Son of Ampbreaker - Slomatics
Cosmonautical Mile - Harvester
untitled - The Kabinboy
Dog Catcher - Goatsnake
If You Want Something Done - Like There's No Tomorrow
Fertile Green - High on Fire
In Return - Torche
Seeing Eye Dog - Helmet
Crank Up the Everything - Peter Pan Speedrock
Waiting for the Snake - Motorhead

The Red Shift 7 ~ Phone Call



The Red Shift 7

sorry about the mic quality will try to rectify this in the future.



portishead ~ strangers

jon brion ~ phone call

four tet ~ melody day

radiohead ~ sail to the moon (brush the cobwebs out of the sky)

bjork ~ pagan poetry

zero seven ~ I have seen

nuyorican soul ~ I am the black gold of the sun

tricky ~ for real

massive attack ~ black milk

doves ~ m62 song

pink floyd ~ a pillow of winds

olafur arnalds ~ lokadu augunum

bill fay ~ jesus etc.

paul buchanan ~ mid-air

Suburban Superheroes #19

Suburban Superheroes Prog. Na Na Na Nine teen


Celebrity Particle Clumping

The lovable rogue aliens from Spudarchy, Krossie & Groove are visited by another of their kind, Soundmigration from the Northern constellations drops in for a chat about all things from grime flash mobs in religious congress (sounds filthy) to celebrity particles and how difficult switching off the net is. We have the Ambassador from Nefactoria telling us of his exploits with people who appear on Pravda (ARR T E) and we go out into the Groovetown studio gardens for what is referred to in your primitive culture as an ‘outside broadcast.’

This was no. 18 but we don’t that that number in Spudarchy and went straight to the infinitely cooler 19.

Jody Sounds from the Kitchen #10

Jody sounds from the kitchen 10

  • Len Price 3 – Rentacrowd
  • The Indelicates – Julia
  • Joe Strummer – Johnny Appleseed
  • Codeine Velvet Club – Hollywood
  • Buffalo Tom – Tangerine
  • Sea of Bees – Marmalade
  • Wild Nothing – Nowhere
  • Belle & Sebastian – Judy & the Dream of Horses
  • Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane
  • Chambermaids – Whirlpool
  • Lush – Sweetness and Light
  • Husker Du – Sorry Somehow
  • Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
  • Silversun Pickups – Theres No Secrets this Year
  • The Twilight Sad – I Became a Prostitute
  • Dirty Pretty Things – Come Closer
  • freedom fry hi-fi:like a phoenix from the ach-oos

    freedom fry hi fi 23

    bongo shuffle boogie-jackie lee

    where its at- jimmy mcgriff

    whos afraid of virginia woolf- jimmy smith

    flight to jordu- art blakey and the jazz messengers

    gemini- cannonball adderly sextet

    born never asked- laurie anderson

    burley cutie- johnny board and his orch.

    leather breeches- uncle am stuart

    easy ridin buggy- brownie mcghee with sonny terry

    nickety nackety now now now- chubby parker

    two folk songs from india with flute violin mirdam and tappu

    sumer is icumen in – the english singers

    Crap on the radio #21 Londons Calling

    At twenty one you’re on to of the scrapheap
    At sixteen you were top of the class
    All they taught you at school
    Was how to be a good worker
    The system has failed you, don’t fail yourself

    crap on the radio number 21 londons calling

    • Londons Calling – The Clash
    • Middle Eastern Holiday – Hard-Fi
    • Inner London violence – Bad Manners
    • Streets of London – Anti Nowhere League
    • Grey Day – Madness
    • London Lady – The Stranglers
    • Romford Girls – Riff Raff
    • Lets push things forward – The Streets
    • Red Flag – Tooting Popular Front
    • Feltham Is Singing Out – Hard-Fi
    • Nice Legs Shame About Her Face – The Monks
    • The Eton Rifles (demo) – The Jam
    • Friday (live) – Joe Jackson
    • Star of the Hackney Downs – Tofu love frogs
    • Tube Disasters – Flux Of Pink Indians
    • Do they owe us a living – CRASS
    • Borstal Breakout – Sham 69
    • Suburban Rebels – The Business
    • Sound Of The Suburbs – The Members
    • Piccadilly Circus (Peel Session) – Stiff Little Fingers

    I did the Shave or Dye for the Irish Cancer Society if you’d like to donate

    The Shabby Shuffle – Two Tone One


    The first in a series exploring the original versions of songs covered on the Two Tone record label.

    Click here for part 2

    Click here for part 3

    1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
    2. Prince Buster – One Step Beyond
    3. Laurel Aitken – Pussy Price
    4. Lloyd Tyrell – Birth Control
    5. Eddie Lovett – Too Experienced
    6. Leon & Owen – Murder
    7. The Duke Reid Group – Joker
    8. The Pioneers – Time Hard
    9. Rex Garvin and The Mighty Cravers – Sock It To ‘Em J.B.
    10. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Tears Of A Clown
    11. Bob Dylan – Maggie’s Farm
    12. Lucienne Boyer – Speak To Me Of Love
    13. Mantovani – Hear My Song Violetta
    14. Rufus Thomas – The Dog
    15. John Barry – The James Bond Theme
    16. Prince Buster – Too Hot
    17. Sadao Watanabe – Morning Island
    18. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Carry Go Bring Come
    19. Andy & Joey – You’re Wondering Now


    Groove On The Wireless #24 Unfun

    GrooveOnTheWireless24  Dr. Groove has passed through the anger phase (for now) and finds himself listening to plenty of strings and feeling like his life is unfun right now.  Come on in and join him as the physician attempts to heal one self by the power of music.  This prescription contains strings, melody’s, hip hop, a dose of disco and some bass.



    Track List

    • Stars of the Lid – Articulate Silences Parts 1 & 2
    • Peter Swanson – Misery Beat
    • MF Doom & J Dilla – Snipe Elite
    • Throwing Snow – Buck
    • my bloody valentine  – nothing is
    • Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus {boys noize rework}
    • Buck 65 – 463
    • Martin Circus – Disco Circus
    • Yast – I wanna be young {Bam Spacey’s Young Cuts Remix]
    • The Ramones – I wanna be sedated

    Sounds from the Attic 20

    attic 20

    The stranglers – Hey Rise of the robots
    Akron Family – Silly Bears
    Band of horses – Factory
    Beach house – wild
    Bill Ryder jones – Le Grand Desordre
    A Winged Victory for the sullen – A requiem for the static king Part 1 & 2
    Lisa Gerrard – (The Gathering)
    Anywhen – The Opiates
    David Sylvian – Modern Interior
    Low – you see everything
    Vic Chestnutt – You are never alone
    Barn Owl – Vision in Dust

    This Show Totally Rocks Numero 23 28th February

    This Show Totally Rocks Numero 23 28th February

    Here we go again!  Tune in for Zero Boys, Really Red, Teen Crud Combo, Brutal Knights, Carbonas, The Spits, Rush N Attack, Tokyo Electron, Melvins, Unsane, Red Fang, Slayer and Ice T, Hex Dispensers, The Dwarves, The Briefs,  The Losin Streaks,  Reigning Sound, Matt K Shrugg, The Final Solutions, The Dead Boys, The Testors and finally a stone cold classic from the Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.




    the sour song show 18


    the sour song show 18


    1. the fall – eat yourself fitter

    2. monsters – addams family

    3. pet lamb – son of john doe

    4. pil – death disco

    5. pain – blue ska

    6. the fall – touch sensitive

    7. albert king – that’s all right

    8. the residents – devil in disguise

    9. chumbawamba – on ebay

    10. crass – have a nice day

    11. crass/Poison Girls – Promenade Immortelle

    12. gun club – death party

    13. nick cave – supernatural

    14. zion train – cuttlefish

    15. ruts dc – whatever we do

    16. sounds from the garden – sweet dust