So much talent in this small island of ours, from Mick Shanahan’s Mixile project, to Ruairi in Galway and his fantastic output as Ruairi O’Baoighill , to Stu’s amazingly sonic project Luxury Mollusc, to Sarah’s fantastic and eerie project +Dult+ , to Eszter’s one woman’s bass a thon Zahnrabhan, to Michal and all the work he contributes to putting on gigs and looking after artists throughout Ireland, to Conor’s thoroughly fantastic and proper amazing From The Bogs of Aughiska, to the proper amazing,  both sonically and visually Deathness Injection , to Paul’s amazing project Harsh Discipline, Natalie & Willie in the utterly amazing Woven Skull and not including all the superb lads from the North : Ian, Shane & Peter and their various projects and not touching on the amazing metal bands that we have such as Abaddon Incarnate, Zhora, Unkindness Of Ravens, Primordial to name but a few  and I’m sure I’m leaving loads out and for this I apologise but its just to give you a sense of whats happening here.I hope for the next One Hundred shows I  will be able to promote more local bands and artists and maybe even try and take it on the road.  Here’s to the next One Hundred, cheers Dez.

The track selection will be in two parts.

And thanks to the Radioactive International Crew : Donal & Jo.

1. from the bogs of aughiska – an seanchai

2. luxury mollusc – ophelia in formaldehyde

3. ruairi o’baoighill – cielo drive

4. trepaningsritualen – union & dissolution

5. teeth engraved with the names of the dead – the bridge to nowhere

6. mixile –  prelude to nightmare

7. the vomit arsonist – choice

8. collapsar – an introduction to black holes

9. abandoned asylum – to mourn the twillight

10. burial hex – II

11. dult – vortex the rite