uncle angry and aunty brainwash present eine angenehme gehirrn flug gott sei dank phallus dei and night aka the dark modern dance of recessionary love

this is a repeat show from feb 2013. hope to have new show next week. best ARx






intro to show

network sample

swans – time is money bastard

nomeansno –  twolipstwolungsandone tongue disintegration loop

god – fucked

sonic youth – eliminator jr

grizzly bear –  knife

can – moonshake

boredoms – heart

sh peters – loop

sjb – face mixed with daft punk (last track from homework) mixed with cubop – hysteria dream

cubop – hysteria dream mixed with line destruction – Slapdak

Line destruction – slapdak mixed with avant reguard – greed on and co

avant reguard – greed on and co mixed with b eno – an ending(ascent) mixed with T.C – J K of all spaceheads

Warsaw – transmission

spectrum – how you satisfy me

david lynch – lady in the radiator song