The HMD Radio Show 233

The HMD Radio Show 233

Tool – Sur Mosaic

Founders – KBS

Couch Slut – Funeral Dyke

Earthling Society – Can You Levitate

Sasquatch – Destroyer

The Bug – Hamburg

Tau Cross – Raising Golem

Tau Cross – Deep State

Dead Cross – Grave Slave

Pyreship – Gravity

68 – No Apologies

Municipal Waste – Kill The Preacher

Geezer – Dirty Penny


2 Replies to “The HMD Radio Show 233”

  1. not sure about new tau cross, not blowing me away at all at all, maybe it takes several listens to acclimatise, 1st one didn’t….

  2. jaysis, how does mr couch slut have any voice left if he screams like that all the time with his band??!! mr leftover crack only does it very occasionally now…

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