The Techno Dubble

Deep Dub Techno, from Berlin to Detroit, spacey chill out tunes from the maestros of minimal…

  1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
  2. Rhythm & Sound – Jah Version
  3. Echospace – Sunset
  4. Round Five Feat. Tikiman – Na Fe Throw It
  5. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Eingang Nach Draußen
  6. Optic – Untitled
  7. Echospace – Abraxas
  8. King Midas Sound – Meltdown
  9. Java – Marvel Us
  10. Rhythm & Sound – History Version


Wasn't directly involved with RadioActive first time-round in Dublin, but have worked with many of the DJs on other stations over the years. Now living in The Basque Country, my show, The Shabby Shuffle will sometimes feature invited friends to bring along a few records and we'll chew the fat for an hour in English or Spanish.