1913 Lockout Podcast – Episode 2 – Women of 1913

The second episode of the 1913 Unfinished Business series on the centenary of the Lockout explores the role women played in the labour conflict.

We speak to Dr. Ann Matthews – historian, author and now playwright – about her play ‘Lockout’, which runs from April 15th to 20th in the New Theatre in Temple Bar. The drama aims to bring the story of the working-class women of 1913, often peripherised in historical accounts.

The podcast looks at women’s roles in the Irish society of the 19th century and how this shaped their position in 1913. Fiona Dunkin interviews the president of the Women’s History Association of Ireland, Dr. Mary McAuliffe, who talks about women in the Ireland of the 20th century and their role in the strike.

We remember one of the most well-known figures of early twentieth century nationalism, socialism and republicanism in Ireland, Constance Markievicz, examining some of the better and lesser known roles she played in the development of the Lockout. The show rounds off with a segment from the Feminist Walking Tour recorded at Liberty Hall covering the Irish Women Workers’ Union.

Contributors: Moira Murphy, Fiona Dunkin, Pádraig Madden, Rónán Burtenshaw, Jen O Laoire.

Produced by: Thom McDermott and Barra Hamilton.

Thanks to: Siobhán Clancy and the organisers of the Feminist Walking Tour.

Music: Lynched and Lawless