Beans on Toast #5- 25th October 2012

DJ Admin presents Beans on Toast, an eclectic mix of music and Swedes. This week’s guest is performer and ex-pat smallholder Gordon Miles aka Mac Snormal.

Warning: this show was prepared over low heat, and cooked for seven days.


  • [[Ska Cubano]] – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
  • [[Andy Fairley – Dub Syndicate]] – Lack of Education
  • [[P.J. Harvey]] – The Words that Maketh Murder
  • [[Lee Scratch Perry – Dub Syndicate]] – The Only Alternative
  • [[Thievery Corporation]] – The Shining Path
  • [[Gordon Macrae]] – Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  • [[Hawkwind]] – Silver Machine
  • [[The Divine Comedy]] – I Like
  • [[Bonobo]] – Eyes Down (Floating Points Remix)
  • [[Gaudi]] – Ghamgar Bare Ne (Dub Qawwali)
  • [[Gary Clail, Andy Fairley]] – Half Cut For Confidence/Jack The Biscuit
  • [[Iggy Pop]] – Mass Production
  • [[Binthily Communication Association Plus Jamais Ça]] – S.O.S.
  • See: – “En achetant ce titre, vous faites un don aux populations du nord Mali. Tous les bénéfices générés par les téléchargements de S.O.S seront versés aux victimes maliennes du nord Mali. (iTunes) Merci pour votre solidarité. Cette vidéo est actuellement censurée par la télé nationale au Mali, et je ne demande vraiment pourquoi ? Peut être que vous saurez m’en dire la raison après l’avoir visionnée… (translation of Plus Jamais Ca) NEVER EVER AGAIN !!! SOS is a premonitory track written in the Autumn announcing an explosion in Mali.ALL BENEFITS WILL GO TO THE POPULATIONS OF NORTHERN MALI. BUT this video shot a few weeks ago is now CENSORED by Malian TV. First time ever a Malian rapper is censored…. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT”

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