Billy Splinters’ Euroquest No1 (Germany)

Rare gems and popular classics from the long tradition of experiment and radicalism in Germany. No chat, just choons – set list as follows

  1. [[Popol Vuh]]: ‘Mantra of the touching of the Earth’ ([[Tantric Songs]])
  2. [[D.A.F]]: ‘Absolut koerperkonntrolle’ ([[Gold und Liebe]])
  3. [[Sand]]: ‘Sarah’ ([[Golem]])
  4. [[Agitation Free]]: ‘Laila pt 2’ ([[Agitation Free 2]]nd)
  5. [[Can]]: ‘Turtles have short legs’ ([[Cannibalism II]])
  6. [[Exmagma]]: ‘It’s so nice’ (3)
  7. [[Matador]]: ‘On the boat’ ([[A Touch Beyond Canned Love]])
  8. [[Nine Days Wonder]]: ‘Fermillon’ (ST / Fermillon)
  9. [[Kraftwerk]]: ‘Computer love’ ([[Computer World]])

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B Splinters