Crap on the Radio #31

  • Barb Wire Dolls – Punk the Fussies
  • Joolz – Jackanory, Sammy and friends
  • The Distillers – City of Angels
  • The pretenders – Boots of Chinese Plastic
  • Hollie McNish – Mathematics
  • Temper-Mental MissElayneous – Cailín Rua
  • Hole – Violet
  • The Au Pairs – America
  • The Slits – Heard it through the Grapevine
  • The Bodysnatchers – Easy Life
  • The Selecter – Time Hard
  • Barb Wire Dolls – Revolution
  • The Gits – Second skin
  • Yanka – From Great Knowledge
  • Pussy Riot – Like in a Red Prison
  • Babes In Toyland – Dust Cake Boy
  • The Soviettes – ms up Bottomed out
  • Bikini kill – Rebel Girl
  • Regina Spektor – Your honor

Crap on the Radio
Oh flip oh gosh oh golly gee We really shocked the local rock disc jock Oh crumbs oh boy oh sugar me The poor bloke nearly went right off his block We only told him what we did and didn't like And then we used that word and he jumped on the mike You can't say that on the radio You can't say that on the radio yes we all do it but you can't refer to it You can't say that on the radio