Cultural Diabetes Number 23 – Colin Riot R.I.P.





I can’t stand the peace and quiet…….


Runnin’ Riot – Buckfast Tonic Wine

Cock Sparrer – Argy Bargy

The Oppressed – Government Out

The Lobotomies – Booze

Hard Skin – The Good Times

Section 4 -No Boots, No Hat, No Job

Runnin’ Riot -P.T.A

Subculture – Voice Of The Young

Infa-Riot – You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ yet

Stage Bottles – Sometimes Anti-Social, Always Anti-Facist

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

Anti-Pasti – The Last Call

The Last Resort – Violence In Our Minds

Operation Ivy – Unity

The Specials – Concrete Jungle

The Business – Guttersnipe

The Jollars – Thick Like Me

Tower Blocks – Life Is Hard

Runnin’ Riot – Drunk And Disorderly

Runnin’ Riot – Runnin’ Riot

Runnin’ Riot – Tribute


RIP Colin “Riot” Mc Quillan


Pic from Warzone Centre, Belfast.

Cultural Diabetes
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