Whatever You’re Havin’ #50 – goo goo muck

goo goo muck - Ronnie Cook & the Gaylads
garbageman - The Cramps
primitive - The Groupies
all women are bad - Dypsomaniaxe
outta reach - She
button nose - The A-bones
go girl go - Jett Powers
do you wanna touch me - Joan Jett
jesus never lived on mars - Lee Harvey Oswald Band
rock n roll whore - Toilet Boys
hot and filthy - Turbonegro
because I'm awesome - The Dollyrots
ain't nothing to do - Green River
smith & wesson blues - The Powder Monkeys
sympathy trip - Candy Snatchers
goodbye mr. policeman - Didjits
go the hack - Cosmic Psychos
can't understand - Metz
alleged - Melvins
the bloat - Unsane