Cultural Diabetes Number 26 – Dogs and Vultures



We have returned to wreck your heads and burst your eardrums!

This weeks show comes courtesy of our friends at Dogs and Vultures distro who celebrate their one year anniversary next week in wonderful Tenterhooks gig space in Newmarket Square. It’s going to be a cracking night, with some of the finest bands around on the bill and the release of the brilliant new Burnchurch LP on the night. B.Y.O.B and don’t be a jerk 

Thanks to Denise and Steve for the tunes and getting shit done in the scene, much respect!

and Lastly here’s their bamdcamp and Facebook so you can listen to, buy or trade music!

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Appäratus – Tayden Voiman Hardcore Äpärä

The Wankys – White coats

Nomad – 政治

Zex – Fight for yourself

Snøb – No one is innocent

Rats Blood – Locked out

Burnchurch – Sirens

Gaze – Drown

Scumheads – Perfect for war

Primitive Pact – S.F.W (Soldiers for war)

Cyborg and Droids – The communication

Lebenden Toten – Near dark

Prison – Plague

Zyanose – Camouflague

Lastly – No control

Jenkem Warriors – Urban krigføring

Bog People – Birth defects

Archaic – Noise in your head

Kurraka – Hysteria

Common Enemy – Nation of hate

Impalers -Procession

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – Who killed spikey jacket?

Illegal – Mercado laboral

Cancer Spreading – Catarsi

Dark Era – Spiritual warfare

Zosch! – Scheisse regen

Belgrado – Vicious circle

Korp – Antifa

Una Bestia Incontrolable –  La primera foguera


Enjoy! – B.A and Head

Cultural Diabetes
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