Cultural Diabetes Number 7 – International Women’s Day

Seeing as today is International Women’s Day, we’re going to  play songs by bands with female members. Coming up on this weeks show we have….


Fleas and Lice – Scum

Nu Pogodi – The brutal depth of obscenity

Hagar the Womb – Idolization

Mind of Asian – Night without a noise

Okus – Burn it to the ground

Manhunt – Moral law

Gaze – Fuck you, fuck off

Anarcrust – Pushed

Rubella Ballet – A dream of honey

Honey Bane – Boring Conversations

Crass – Bloody revolutions

Fag Enablerz – Neptune in retrograde

Freebooters – Stormfront in a teacup

F.U.A.L. – Dead clergymen / Soft drinks

Naked Aggression – Drivin’ down the road

Laughing Hyenas – Desolate son

No Trend w/Lydia Lunch – The curse

Pink Turds in Space – Walls cornetto


Thanks for your support, and as usual we can be contacted through the links below…

Happy International Women’s Day!

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather

Cultural Diabetes
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